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Australia. Australia is bloody awesome! We at Sictees love Australia. We love it so much we’ve created a whole selection of T-shirts that are dedicated to Aussie Lovers. We stock aussie pride t-shirts, aussie souvenir clothing including native aussie animals and heaps of other aussie clothing including rude and offensive aussie tees.  

If you’re proud to be an aussie or live in this beautiful land, show your pride and love. We have a few new brilliant Australian t-shirt designs such as ‘I may not be perfect but I’m Australian’ – ‘Worlds okayest aussie’  and ‘Keep calm and aussie on’. These are great idea’s for parties, Australia day costumes or even a trip to your local super market. We have all our aussie tees in all sizes up to 5XL to ensure each person can find a nice comfy, good fitting aussie designer tee.

All our t-shirts are proudly printed in Australia and shipped from Queensland. We, at Sictees have been making aussie clothing for over a decade now and are extremely confident in our quality, speed and service. After all, 10 years is a long time to perfect making Australian T-shirts. We’re pretty confident we have reached the perfection stage with 100% positive feedback on eBay, on over 30 000 t-shirts. This in turn, can assure you are receiving a top notch aussie t-shirt.

So if you are looking for a stray t-shirt or even a straya cunt t-shirt we have got you covered. You have landed at the right place to find the coolest, most awesome aussie t-shirts online. We have southern cross boxing kangaroos, opera house t-shirts, Australia love it or leave tees, born in Australia clothing and even a few cricket & rugby designs.

One of our proudest Aussie tees that we came up with is our Official Australian Drinking Team. So if you are a serious drinker and proud of it, our official Australian drinking team tee is perfect for you. They make great group tees for pub crawls, sport carnivals, husbands, wifes, brothers and sisters. We have a selection of four different Aussie Drinking Team tees so there’s definitely one to suit each individual.

If you’d like to join our Australian drinking team, click here to browse our drinking t-shirts.

We also offer a funny centre link t-shirt. SPONSORED BY CENTRELINK. These centre link t-shirts make great gifts or presents for that doll bludger you know. So if there is a doll bludger in your life, buy them a sponsored by centrelink t-shirt. Or better yet, make them buy it for themselves.

Working out of Townsville in Queensland we are very familiar with the Australian Army. The largest army base being located in Townsville. For this reason we also offer a few military and army t-shirts for our proud service men that protect this beautiful country. We stock a royal Australian regiment t-shirt – DUTY FIRST. Also, if you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English, thank a solider. All our aussie army tees are printed on comfy cotton with long lasting prints. This means the t-shirt you buy from us will last. It will not peel or fade in the wash to ensure you can show your aussie pride day in day out.

And do you remember crocodile Dundee? How could you not. His famous line ‘You Call That A Knife, That’s Not A Knife’. Well we stock that too. We stock t-shirts and singlets that refer to all Australian trends and occasions.

We offer both hipster aussie tees, and bogan aussie tees. So if you are a proud bogan these t-shirts work a treat. From yeah nah dunno too captain Australia mocking captain America. Aussie meat pie t-shirts and kangaroo hates push ups t-shirts.

Basically in short, we are the number one supplier for funny Australian t-shirts, rude Australian t-shirts, offensive Australian t-shirts, Australian souvenir t-shirts and so so much more.