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At Sictees, we love anything that goes fast, is fun or makes us laugh. So if you love cars, bikes, cycling, skateboarding,  flying or any other kind of automation we’ve got a funny shirt for you. We stock heaps and heaps of car shirts from low riding car t-shirts, to racing car t-shirt and off course funny car t-shirts.  We have tank t-shirt, quadbike t-shirts, trail bike t-shirts and even funny parody car brand t-shirts. So if you need a new shirt and love automation, you’ve landed at the right place!

Are you sick of people mooching your time asking for lifts? Get a t-shirt that says my car my petrol to show your passengers who is the boss of your car. Hate automatic cars, show what separates the men from the boys with a funny manual car t-shirt; after all friends don’t let friends drive automatics..

Perhaps you have a husband who loves cars and is in desperate need of some new shirts. We have an awesome range of car t-shirts for any family member who is obsessed with cars.  Our most popular car t-shirt this month is ‘still plays with cars’ which has been a huge hit across mechanic shops. With this being said, if you are a mechanic and need some new work shirts you’ve hit the nail on the head by visiting our store. We already clothe thousands of aussie mechanics who wear our shirts day in and day out. And if you are a mechanic, we have a perfect t-shirt for you; I may be a mechanic but even I can’t fix stupid!


We have heaps of automotive clothing so browse our range today and find one that suits you!