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Here at Sictees we care a lot about helping kill cancer and spreading awareness about the disease. For this reason we have a huge amount of different cancer t-shirts and singlets. From casual awareness to angry awareness – like FUCK CANCER!

Nobody likes cancer. Everyone needs to get together and spread awareness to help cure the bastard of a thing. That’s why we stock so many cancer t-shirts, we believe that if enough people start wearing our cancer awareness tees we can, together cure cancer. We don’t copy our cancer designs from anywhere else so you can be sure you are receiving an original and rare cancer shirt.

We stock cancer t-shirts for every kind of cancer; we stock;

Breast Cancer T-shirts & Singlets

Blood Cancer T-shirts & Singlets

Lung Cancer T-shirts & Singlets

Prostate Cancer T-shirts & Singlets

Skin Cancer T-shirts & Singlets

Bowel Cancer T-shirts & Singlets

Melanoma Cancer T-shirts & Singlets

Leukaemia Cancer T-shirts & Singlets

These are obviously the most common cancer t-shirts we sell, however we do sell a lot of other cancer tees so it’s definitely worthwhile checking out our selection.

Since cancer is about as cool as a honeymoon handjob we need to solve the disease and make it a thing of the past. Together, as a race we can beat cancer. By spreading awareness we can tackle the issue head on and make the cure come as quickly as possible. We need to save man’s real best friends (boobs). Don’t let cancer steal second base. So big or small, lets save them all.

There is hope, and more and more people are overcoming the disease by fighting each and every day. We need to stay strong and fight cancer together.

Our cancer tees make great gifts as well and can turn someone’s attitude right around. While travelling a long bumpy road  laughter is a very important part of the cure. Laughter can generate amazing healing abilities and should be the first type of medicine. That’s why we at Sictees also sell funny cancer t-shirts, like 'wake me for meals' or 'save the boobies, don’t let cancer steal second base'.

We started our cancer awareness clothing range because we’ve been effected by the disease ourselves. We didn’t know how to help, and as we are master t-shirt makers, we decided the best thing we can do is spread awareness. We started by stocking breast cancer awareness garments like ‘fight like a girl’. We received awesome feedback and have grown our range of cancer awareness threads ever since.

We do support fundraising groups with free t-shirts here and there. So if you are involved in a fundraising group or cancer awareness group please contact us. We’d love to help you by providing you and your team with some free t-shirts. We promise you will get great reactions and will bring a lot of laughter to each town you visit.

If you are interested in applying your fundraising group for some free tees please contact us.

All our cancer garments come neatly folded and wrapped in a cool little plastic sleeves. They all are printed in our warehouse located in Queensland. This ensures fast delivery on all our cancer tees for Australians. We don’t include invoices unless requested so they make great surprise gifts for anyone who is suffering. Generally all items are dispatched on the same day as payment is received, if something out of our control occurs we will notify you about your order.