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Sictees Ultimate Drinking Clothing


There are three things modern man simply cannot live without: air, pizza and beer. OK, that may not be exactly true, as you could certainly swap the beer for wine, rum or other type of alcohol. And a fourth item you don’t want to live without is one of our smashing drinking t-shirts.

Whether you or your pal is a beer chugger, wine snob, rum lover or just some bloke who likes to hang out in a tavern, we have the drinking clothing to match. Not only are our drinking t-shirts comfy and funny, but they’re easily machine washable so you can clean up your spills in a jiffy.

We hand-selected some of our favourites in a few different categories to give you a delightful taste of what our drinking t-shirts are all about. Cheers!


Australian Drinking Team

Before you dive headfirst into our full range of drinking clothing, why not consider joining the Australian drinking team? There are no dues. No membership fees. No weird initiations that make you run naked through the streets or balance a cue ball on your head. That stuff is optional. All you need to do to join the Australian drinking team is put on one of our dandy drinking team tees and have yourself a drink.

We have several designs sporting the text: “Official Australian Drinking Team,” with choices that include:

  • Australian flag wrapped around a beer mug
  • That Commonwealth Coat of Arms thing with a kangaroo and a bird
  • Two kangaroos without that coat of arms thing

Wearing Australian drinking team clothing means you’re automatically in the club of the most dedicated and ambitious drinkers throughout the entire land.


Hardcore Harry Drinkers

You know what we call the Hardcore Harry types. If they’re not drinking, they’re thinking about drinking. And if they’re not thinking about drinking, they’re probably asleep. They can make some really good pals for all their wild antics – as long as they’re not driving. Hardcore Harrys can wear beer t-shirts, pub t-shirts and even t-shirts with holes in them and be perfectly happy.

Here are a few that would make them happiest:

  • “I’m not doing shit today. (Mission accomplished.)”
  • “My liver is evil and needs to be punished.”
  • “I used to think drinking was bad for me…so I gave up thinking.”


Pub Crawlers

Pub crawlers are kind of like Hardcore Harry drinkers, except they are known to actually leave the house. When they do venture out, chances are high you’ll find them at the neighbourhood tavern. Whether they’re kicking back to some tunes, playing a round of darts or chatting up fellows at the bar, you know they’ll be doing it with a drink in their hand. And you can complete the look with one of our groovy pub t-shirts.

Pub tees that top our favourites list include:

  • “My life is a very complicated drinking game.”
  • “If I look lost and confused, please return me to the pub.”
  • “Buy this man a beer.”


Rum Lovers

Anyone who knows anything about Australian history knows our land was literally built on rum. And even if you don’t, rum t-shirts make a great compliment to just about any outfit. Try them under your three-piece suit! Because rum is such a part of Australian heritage, those that drink it regularly can be seen as the most patriotic folks around.

Our line-up of rum clothing includes:

  • Picture of three folks running and one bent over puking: “I thought they said RUM.”
  • “Drink Rum. It prevents scurvy and boosts morale.”
  • “I don’t get drunk. I get awesome.” (This fine shirt can work with any type of alcohol.)


The Beer Belly Crowd

Yeah, we know. Beer bellies can be tough to hide once they really get going. Our answer is not to try to cover them up with giant muumuus or scarves. Instead choose one of our hilarious drinking t-shirts that give beer bellies the attention they deserve (or are going to get anyway).

Drinking t-shirts that mesh with the beer belly crowd include:

  • “It’s not a beer belly, It’s a fuel tank for a sex machine.”
  • “Don’t eat watermelon seeds.”
  • “Fitness? More like fitness whole pizza in my mouth.”


Punny Drinking T-shirts

Once alcohol start going down the hatch, people can look prettier, ideas can seem smarter and even the stupidest jokes can be uproariously funny. That’s where our punny drinking t-shirts come in. This category of drinking clothing is spotted with some pretty bad jokes and puns that’ll be sure to have your drinking buddies in stitches.

A number of beer t-shirts happen to fall into this category, with our favourites including:

  • Image of the Beatles: “Let it Beer, Let it Beer.”
  • Picture of two beer steins: “Two beer or not two beer (Shakesbeer)”
  • “In dog beers, I’ve only had one.”


Beer T-shirts

We already used up three of our punny-est beer t-shirts, but there are plenty of others to please the brew-slamming crowd. Beer clothing works best when worn with jeans, comfortable shoes and an attitude that’s all about getting drunk and having fun.

In addition to beer t-shirts that boast illustrated details on how to play beer pong, our high-end beer clothing includes:

  • “My bucket list: 1. Beer 2. Ice” accompanied by an image of a bucketful of beer bottles.
  • “Beer O’Clock!”
  • “Will swap wife for beer.”

If any of our drinking clothing listed here made you laugh, guffaw or groan, just wait until you check out the rest of the batch. All our drinking clothing is born and raised in Australia, and it acclimates quite well to pubs and clubs anywhere.