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Are you a stoner? Pill popper? Freedom Fighter? Well boy do we have some nice little surprises for you. At Sictees, we stock a huge range of drug and drug related clothing. From cannabis tees, mdma tees and oh so much more.

We’ll start with our weed t-shirts. Or to use proper terms, cannabis t-shirts. I refuse to call them Marijuana t-shirts because of the dickhead Nixon. Fun Fact - Marijuana is a dirty racist word – Nixon changed the name of cannabis to marijuana in the 60’s because he was losing the war. The hippies were smoking weed and protesting for peace so he made it illegal and changed the name to marijuana – a Mexican term (back in those days american’s thought Mexicans were a dirty race).

So we sell cannabis t-shirts, weed t-shirts BUT not marijuana t-shirts.

So let’s begin. If you toke up at 4:20 or have breakfast brews you need to browse our range of comfy drug clothing. We have heaps of dope designs ranging from a kangaroo running with a weed leaf to a t-shirt that says ‘your local neighbourhood drug dealer’. We stock so many cannabis t-shirts that we may be the largest cannabis t-shirt supplier in the world. (not sure, just guessing)

So if you are a true blue stoner and need a new t-shirt you’ve come to the right place. We stock strain master tees for the growers. Hydroponic t-shirts for the in house growers. Funny weed tees for the smokers and everything in-between.

We stock a large assortment of drug tv and movie t-shirts too. For example we have a lot of breaking bad t-shirts, south park t-shirts (Mr. Mackey DRUGS ARE BAD Hmm Kay?)(Marshal with testicular cancer so he can get medical cannabis), SALAD FINGERS T-shirts,  adventure time t-shirts – because lets face it, adventure time is made for stoners, Bob Marley t-shrits and fuck loads more.

We stock pill t-shirts, acid t-shirts, lsd t-shirts, coffee t-shirts, drinking t-shirts, alien t-shirts, fuck the police t-shirts and everything and anything relating to drug clothing.


We are always updating our drug category with new funky drug designs so it’s always worthwhile checking back now and again to see what new drug t-shirts we are stocking.