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  Fishing right. Pretty good shit. Nothing better than fishing on your day off.. Because we love fishing so much we have created a whole selection/category dedicated to just fishing t-shirts. We’ve thrown a few hunting t-shirts in there too but that’s just because we like hunting too. And technically, fishing is hunting.

All our fishing t-shirts and singlets are high quality, comfortable and best of all Lucky. That’s right, we sprinkle a little bit of luck on each one of our fishing tees before it gets sent out. This will ensure when you wear the shirt fishing you will have a good day of fishing. Cause some days, it’s pretty shit when you don’t catch anything.  

So other than promising you an awesome fishing tee with fast delivery. We can also top it off with excellent service. So any questions before buying a flash new fishing thread, send us a line and we’ll get back to you asap and help where we can. We offer heaps of sizes and styles.


Our ladies fishing range of clothing includes;

Ladies Slim Fitted Fishing T-shirts Sizes 8-10-12-14-16-18 – Colours include; Grey, Black, Purple, Liliac, Red, Blue, Green, Sky, Yellow, White.

Ladies Regular Fitted Fishing T-shirts Sizes S-M-L-XL-2XL – Colours include; Blue, Black, Green, Sky, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Grey

All our women’s fishing t-shirts are 100% cotton.


Our men’s fishing range of clothing goes pretty large. We stock 3XL Fishing t-shirts, 4XL fishing t-shirts and even 5XL fishing t-shirts. They are also Australian Sizes so they’re not these little tight hipster tees.

So a break down on our mens fishing sizes is as follows;

Men’s Regular Fitted Fishing T-shirts Sizes S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL-4XL-5XL – Colours include; Black, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Sky, Blue, Maroon.

*Please note we can only get sizes 3XL, 4XL, 5XL in Black. We are working on introducing more colours in these larger sizes soon.*


We’ve recently also added a mens v-neck to our range of fishing tees. They are a soft comfortable thread for the trendy fishermen. They really are a very soft t-shirt and are extremely comfortable.

They come in the following sizes and colours;

Men’s Cotton Softstyle V-Neck Fishing T-shirts Sizes S-M-L-XL-2XL – Colours include; Black, Charcoal, White and Grey

Finally, our fishing singlets are a popular style. First of all, like all our t-shirts, they are comfy. Secondly, fishing can be hot, so in the hot Australian sun a fishing singlet can be a handy thing to own.

Fishing Singlets S-M-L-XL-2XL – Colours include: Black, Blue, Grey, Red, Navy, White.  


In conclusion. If you want a new fishing tee or singlet you’ve come to the right place. Sictees is the home of funny fishing t-shirts, rude fishing t-shirts, in fact all kinds of fishing garments.

They make great gift ideas for your husband, or perhaps you have a wife who does the fishing. Doesn’t matter, we have ladies covered too. Each tee comes wrapped in a plastic sleeve so they’re ready to be gifted. No further effort required on your part.


If you need any further info on our fishing tees please contact us.





*Lucky dust does not exist - Fishing T-shirts will only be lucky if you believe.