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Unless you’re really strange, you probably own at least one t-shirt. And Sictees gives you 1,060 reasons to own at least one more. That’s right, the hilarious t-shirt site of Sictees has an amazing 1,060 different tees available in men’s regular fit, women’s slim fit, and singlets styles. But before we dive into a lot of info about the shirts, let’s go into a little bit of info about the company.


What is This Sictees Thing?

Sictees is proud to be an Australian born and bred business, starting out as most true Aussie businesses do: in someone’s basement. Our basement t-shirt business boomed into a thriving screen printing gig, eventually making enough to get our very own website to sell our hilarious t-shirts across the globe. All that fame didn’t go to our heads, however. We stayed true to our Straya roots, continuing to operate our privately owned business out of Townsville and Brisbane.

Since our main mission is to help spread laughter through the good ole t-shirt, we have tons of different varieties available. Take a sweet stroll through the various t-shirt categories and you’ll get a solid idea of what Sictees is all about.


Popular T-shirts

The popular shirts are those worn by popular people (Duh?). But we don’t mean the jerk bags in high school who thought they were popular just because they were mean to everyone who didn’t sit at their lunch table. We’re referring to people who are popular because other folks actually like them. Yeah, we know it’s weird. And yeah, one day we may want to be one of them, too.

Awesome examples of our best-selling shirts include:

  • A seal saying: “I approve.”
  • A penguin saying: “I am f-ing freezing.”
  • A skull saying: “I live inside your head.”


Nothing too offensive or rude typically makes it into the popular category. Well, aside from a penguin using the f-word, of course. These shirts are typically A-OK for Aussie weekends at the shopping mall, lunch out with the guys or gals, and birthday parties with children over the age of 14.


Funny T-Shirts

Obviously, the funny t-shirts are best worn by funny people. Or at least people who like to laugh, like to make others laugh – and don’t mind people staring at their chest for an extended period. The extended period of staring will probably come from folks who either don’t like to laugh or don’t get the joke that’s printed on the hilarious t-shirt. They’ll stare and ponder, then stare and ponder some more.

Funny shirts they may be staring at include:

  • An Android figure with its arm extended toward an apple with the words: “I fixed it.”
  • “Cancer: About as cool as a honeymoon handjob.”
  • “I like you, but if zombies chase us, I’m tripping you.”

These shirts are particularly prime for heavy drinkers, perpetual stoners and corporate types who secretly wish they could sneak into the office building over the weekend to trash it. Funny shirts should probably be avoided by stick-in-the-mud types, stick-up-the-butt types, people who find lewd humor rude or offense, or the corporate types who secretly wish they could sneak into the office building over the weekend to do extra work.


Fishing T-shirts

Fishing t-shirts are a huge hit with Aussie anglers of all shapes, sizes and widths. And that’s a very good thing because t-shirts are pretty much the only clothing of choice for most anglers we know. These are the folks that would honestly rather be fishing than eating, sleeping, playing cricket or having sex. Yeah, it can be kind of weird and creepy. But they’re sure graced with a spate of supercool fishing shirts.

Top picks include:

  • “Fishing relaxes me. It’s like yoga but I still get to kill something.”
  • “Fishaholic.”
  • “Good things come to those who bait.”


The only things that go together better than fishing and t-shirts is fishing and beer. That means fishing shirts make great gifts for beer guzzlers, boat owners and anyone else who spends exorbitant amounts of time at the lake clutching a little string tied to a stick.


Aussie T-shirts

There’s no better way to showcase national pride than with a whole closet full of Aussie clothing. Aussie t-shirts are best for the diehard Straya fans that would rather be in the outback than anywhere else in the world – and aren’t afraid to let others know it. And why not? Where else can you find free-roaming dingoes, kangaroos and thongs?

Awesome Aussie shirts to don with the thong include:

  • “Aussies don’t have sex. Aussies mate.”
  • “Worlds Okayest Aussie.”
  • “I may not be perfect, but I’m Australian.”


There are a host of others that are a shade more rude, offensive and full of the same level of vim and vigor you’ll find in the average Aussie. Rude and offensive shirts are also popular in the Queensland Only and New South Wales Only categories. Even if you don’t wear these Straya tees on a daily basis, they’re the perfect pick for Australia Day or an Aussie pride party (and who doesn’t love any excuse to throw a bash and swill beer?)


Drinking T-shirts

Speaking of beer, the drinking t-shirts are downright hilarious. That’s because they get funnier and funnier with each drink you take. Drinking t-shirts are not only ideal for showing your adoration wine, booze or brew, but they’re easily machine-washable after you spill stuff all over them. Don’t worry. Sictees loves you anyway. In fact, our site even has an Official Australian Drinking Team you can join!

Shirts you can wear while participating in this favorite activity include:

  • “24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?”
  • “Sometimes I drink water to surprise my liver.”
  • “I’m Sotally Tober”


While drinking shirts can be the hilarious hit at any backyard barbecue or party, you probably don’t want to wear them to the office, to visit your mother-in-law or to the court hearing for your drink driving offense. Cheers!


BigScreen T-shirts

BigScreen shirts were designed with entertainment in mind. They come in three hilarious categories, paying tribute to a wide variety of TV shows, movies and music. Whether you’re a fan of “Game of Thrones,” “Sons of Anarchy,” James Bond or Charlie Brown’s pal Schroeder on piano, you can find a fun entertainment t-shirt that says it all.

Some of our favorite examples include:

  • Walter White Meth Labs
  • “I killed Bill.”
  • “It’s not that I’m old, your music really does suck.”


Since not everyone is a couch potato, music maven or movie buff, the BigScreen tees also come with a more general take on entertainment. References to stunt men, staying calm and atoms, yes atoms, are also in the mix. Bottom line: these tees are great for anyone who likes to kick back, relax, have fun – and maybe switch the boob tube on once in a while.



You know that random drawer in your kitchen where you end up throwing a bunch of miscellaneous items that don’t fit anywhere else? Well, that’s kind of what the Sictees’ Others category is like. Here you’ll find tees related to sports, autos, nerds and geeks, family, cancer fighting, and mixed martial arts (MMA). You’ll also get a collection of the offensive and rude tees all in one place, along with a special section of clothing that makes ideal birthday gifts.

Hilarious picks in this category includes:

  • “Read books – not T-shirts.”
  • “Be courteous. Or I will stab you.”
  • “I’m not doing shit today (Mission accomplished).”


Just like that chock-full random kitchen drawer, the Others category is filled with strange, silly, unusual and even surprising things. You’ll get a good mix of tees that suit a good mix of folks. Now that you’ve gotten the rundown on the types of tees you can find at Sictees, it’s time for a crash course on how to wear them.


Tips on Wearing a T-shirt

Here we’re not talking about where you should or shouldn’t wear a t-shirt, but rather how to pick the right size and style. Get a normal size with a regular fit if you’re a guy wearing the t-shirt with jeans, shorts or other bottoms. Go a men’s size larger and longer if you’re wearing it to cover a thong for running into the supermarket near the beach.

Women’s slim fit tees in the proper size are ideal with jeans, shorts or other bottoms, but gals also have fashionable choices for mixing it up. Women’s slim fit in a larger size, or even a men’s regular fit in a huge size, can make a cute statement with leggings or short-shorts, kind of like a mini-dress. The same larger and longer theory that applied to guys wearing thongs in supermarkets applies to gals wearing thongs in supermarkets. Cover it up when you’re shopping around food in public.

Men’s and women’s singlets are another groovy option, but keep in mind they don’t make a professional statement in the office with trousers and pinchy tasseled shoes. Wear them under a suit jacket, if you can get away with it, or pair with your favorite denim jacket. Singlets are a must for the gym, as they show off muscles but not the sweat beneath your armpits. They’re also fabulous in the great outdoors, which is where most Aussies really want to be.

T-shirts have long been a fashion staple for the carefree, fun and funny folks who are big on comfort. Go with a Sictees tee and you can also be big on laughter. And you'll get extra points in Straya and beyond for helping us spread it around.