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Despite their similar eyeglass frames, too-short pants and pocket protectors, geeks and nerds are not the same thing. But that doesn’t mean they don't dig the same T-shirts. Sictees has a ginormous batch of corny, kitschy and kooky tees that fit any geek or nerd’s obsession, hobby or overall frame of mind.

Before we dive into our geeky and nerdy cache of men and women’s Aussie-made clothing, we should probably point out the differences between geeks and nerds – mainly because we brought it up.


Geeks vs. Nerds

The word “geek” comes from the German “geck,” which translates to a fool or freak. Geeks are defined as those who are “unfashionable or socially inept,” as per the Oxford English Dictionary. By 1952, the term was used to describe those zealous about math, science or high-tech stuff. Their interests were later expanded to include Japanese animation and video games.

The word “nerd” is a slang term stemming from the 1950s, used to describe someone who was a “drip” or “square.” A nerd, like the geek, can be foolish and lacking in social skills, but that’s mainly because he’s single-minded obsessed by things like chess, Sudoku and the latest best-seller by some author only other nerds have heard of.

The bottom line: Geeks are fans and like to collect and play around with things. Nerds are practitioners and like to play around with ideas.

So what does that mean in terms of picking the perfect geek or nerd T-shirt? Not much. Just find one you think will make your geeky or nerdy pal guffaw and you’ll be good to go.


Now, Onto the T-Shirts

Regardless if your pal is a geek, a nerd, or a combination of the two, if he or she wears black socks with sandals or snorts in laughter at South Park, one of these T-shirts is gonna work. Make it work even better by picking one that matches your pal's type.


The Romantic Type

Yes, nerds and geeks can be romantic. As long as you think it’s romantic go give your love a bouquet of mechanical pencils instead of roses. It may also be kind of tough to come up with date ideas, unless you’re completely OK with binge-watching the entire Star Wars franchise in a single evening. Play up your nerdy or geeky buddy’s romantic side with one of these funny tees:

  • “I love you like a fat kid loves cake.”
  • “I could use a little sexual harassment.”
  • “Geek is the new sexy.”


The Outdoorsy Type

Few things propel a nerd or geek to go outdoors. One of them is the house being on fire. They feel the great outdoors is not that great, since it lacks essential accommodations necessary to survive. A fridge. A bed. An ergonomic desk chair. And, of course, full wireless capabilities to use the computer, smartphone, tablet, music player and all those newfangled home devices you can now control with the Internet of Things. Outdoorsy nerds or geeks would bellow over hilarious clothing like this:

  • “I went outside once. The graphics aren’t that great.”
  • “The internet is broken so I’m outside today.”
  • “Home is where – your Wi-Fi connects automatically.”


The Athletic Type

Fitness activities for geeks and nerds are pretty much unlimited. They include everything from pushing a pencil to picking up the stereo or TV remote. Seriously, though, even if some geeks and nerds are less than stellar on the baseball diamond or football field, they are apt to have some awesome hand-eye coordination from all those years of playing video games. Check out some funny T-shirt examples that play up geeky and nerdy athletics:

  • A dinosaur chasing a stick figure. “Exercise: Motivation Required.”
  • “I’m fat let’s party.”
  • “Wake me for meals.”


The Social Butterfly

If you recall, social ineptitude was a trait associated with both nerds and geeks. Perhaps they are not socially inept at all, just not really into people. After all, people can certainly get in the way when it comes to obsessing about superheroes, hogging the computer or trying to get through all of those Star Wars flicks. Give a nod to your geeky or nerdy pal’s avoidance of the social scene with these beautifully offensive and rude T-shirts:

  • A stick figure pushing another stick figure off a cliff from behind. “Some people just need a pat on the back.”
  • Two figures standing side-by-side, one with a sharp object in hand. “Be courteous or I will stab you.”
  • “People. What a bunch of bastards.”


The Sci-Fi Guy (or Gal)

You already got a taste of the geek or nerd’s sci-fi spirit with the date idea of watching all the Star Wars movies in single swoop. Star Wars is a biggie for geeks and nerds across the board. In fact, they're enamored by pretty much anything that flies around in outer space, shoots things and includes alien activity. Here come a bunch of funny T-shirt examples that align with the sci-fi guy (or gal):

  • Picture of Yoda with: “My Yoda shirt. This is.”
  • “Space Invaders” written in that crappy computer font from the original Atari days.
  • The image of a saddened Storm Trooper with the words: “I had friends on that Death Star.”


The Modest Lad (or Lass)

Even if other folks don’t always think geeks or nerds are cool, that doesn’t mean the geeks or nerds don’t look at themselves as high and mighty indeed. And why not? It takes a lot of dedication, skill and savvy to achieve full-blown geek or nerd status. These hilarious T-shirts play up the high and mighty status your geekiest and nerdiest pals deserve:

  • “I’m kind of a Big Deal.”
  • “I would do me.”
  • “I’d be unstoppable if not for law enforcement and physics.”


The Adventurer

Although we already pretty much established that nerds and geeks aren’t big on leaving the house, many of them do have an adventuresome streak. They may have crazy thoughts of actually letting their hair down, or at least combing it to the opposite side. Granted, the crazy thoughts may never materialise into crazy actions, but at least they produce a moment of true abandon. Give your pals another moment of abandon with these funny T-shirts:

  • “Sometimes I feel like I could do crystal meth – but then I think, hmm, better not.”
  • “Don’t panic…” “OK panic…”
  • “It’s all fun and games until someone gets pregnant.”


And there’s still more! We merely highlighted some of our favourites from the big batch of geeky and nerdy tees available. Take a look, and then take a couple home to keep your geek and nerd friends happily snorting in laughter.