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Sictees Rude And Offensive Clothing


Sictees has been a long believer of rude and offensive t-shirts. I mean, that’s how it all started. Rude and Offensive T-shirts.  So we’re pretty confident we have some pretty good rude and offensive clothing.

Some of our rude and offensive t-shirts  are so rude that you need balls of steal to wear them. Or a very high confidence level. You may get high-fived wearing these t-shirts or you may get glared at by some old ladies. Either way, the reaction is priceless entertainment. Build a collection and offend certain groups according to your morning mood.

I’m not sure why but for some reason Moist is a very frowned upon word. It has a wide range of different meanings.. For this reason we thought it’d be funny to make a t-shirt with the word. It will bring shivers to people as they say the word aloud in there head. Moist.. Supposably moisture is accepted. Moist is not. So If you are a little confused buy a moist t-shirt and get some opinions.

If you’re a little harder than the word moist, perhaps looking at our really offensive t-shirts will suit you a little better. We stock an Ebola disease T-shirt which is pretty cool. The word Ebola is actually an attractive word. The disease is not. On the other side of the cheese, we stock a me and your mum t-shirt. Self-explanatory; good ol mumma joke t-shirts. A ‘oi dickhead, yeah you” t-shirt. A fuck you you motherfucking fucker t-shirt. Fuck em T-shirt. Fuck it T-shirt. Midget t-shirts. I cunt spell t-shirt. Fuck cancer t-shirts. I SHAVED MY BALLS FOR THIS T-shirt. Even a straya cunt t-shirt.  We even stock two state of origin rude t-shirts, harden the fuck up nsw and harden the fuck up queendsland. The list goes on and on. So browse our range of rude threads and find a t-shirt that will get you reactions, guaranteed.

If you’ve been down the old marriage road, chances these days are it didn’t work out. If you’re ex pisses you off, let it be known. Wear one while you pick up the kids? Or perhaps to Christmas? Some pretty funny situations can be created wearing our rude and offensive t-shirts. Trust us. After making them for 10 years we have been told some funny stories by our customers. One customer claimed he got a black eye after wearing  ‘warning, my ex wife is a bitch’ t-shirt to his sons soccer game. She was not happy. He was very thankful and said the t-shirt caused a priceless reaction.

When I was young and annoyed by brother, or vice versa, mum always told us to stop energy sucking.. she’s a hippy if it didn’t click for you. Over the years, making rude and offensive t-shirts I’ve had a realisation. When you wear one of our rude or offensive threads and offend someone. You in turn are energy sucking. You offload your negative energy by offending someone, then you take their reaction, in other words positive energy. They result a little worse off, you result a little better off. You’ve energy sucked them for just wearing one of our t-shirts. Imagine if you wore the t-shirt to the mall and sucked a thousand energies.. pretty sure that’s how you become awesome. Or super sain.

So in conclusion. Buying one of our rude or offensive t-shirts/singlets will make you in turn a better person. Make you more powerful. Perhaps even unstoppable. It’s definitely worth shopping with us at sictees, we have an easy and  simple to use website, a great size chart to ensure you get a good fitting tee, fantastic service if you have any drama’s, fast shipping from QLD and best of all, all our rude and offensive t-shirts are printed in Queensland. So you’d be supporting aussies, which is always good.


If you have any questions regarding our rude or offensive clothing please email us.