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Welcome To Sictees - The Home Of Funny T-shirts


Welcome, coolest person in the world. How can we make such an assumption? How do we KNOW you’re the coolest person in the world? Simple: you’re on our site, looking at funny T-shirts. You might be thinking, ‘What if there’s more than one person looking at this site at the same time? How can we ALL be the coolest person in the world?’ Look, don’t overthink it. Just accept the compliment and allow our transparent flattery to put you into a Funny-T-shirt-buying mood. 

Whatever funny you’re into, it’s on here. Punderful puns? Of course. A graphic showing how Tyrannosaurus Rex can’t complete a push up due to his puny, useless arms? Yep. The sex you’re having with someone’s Mom? An enthusiastic, randy yes. 

In a world filled with unfunny shirts, your decision to purchase a funny T-shirt is one of the wisest and compassionate decisions you can make. Next time you’re out for a walk, look around you. There are people in a bad mood. What do people in bad moods do? They put other people in bad moods. And then those people put more people in a bad mood and soon, nations are declaring war on each other. But if you’re there in your funny T-shirt, you make that person in a bad mood chuckle. They pass on that good mood. The joy spreads, war is averted, and we are one step closer to achieving world peace and equality. Therefore, indisputable logic says that essentially, if you don’t buy one of these funny T-shirts, you are a warmonger who hates joy. 

The T-shirts are funny, but they’re made with serious care. Each shirt is made with 100% high-quality cotton and comes wrapped in a neat little plastic sleeve. We ship all orders within 24 hours of receiving payment. As much as possible, shipping takes place on the same day as payment is received. Dispatch time is 2 o'clock each working day (Mon-Fri).

Have questions about sizing/styles/colours? Everything is explained here at our size chart.

All Orders are shipped from Townsville, QLD.

Sictees has been doing its part to promote world peace through funny t-shirts since we set up our business in a basement, the least funny but most Australian place to start a business. We would rather our business not wind up back in a basement, so if there’s anything we can do to make your shopping experience better, contact us.